Preface: This was written one week before the 2020 U.S. presidential elections. There was a long discussion last night among friends of various possible outcomes, including ones with dire consequences. I wrote the following to see just how the worst-case scenario could possibly play out.

Biden wins the election by a landslide. The Senate flips to the Democrats. Trump, however, does not concede and claims voter fraud. Protests erupt across the country both from those who want Trump and Republicans out and from those who support the voter fraud theory and believe Trump and Republicans should remain in power. …

Over the years, I have had the privilege of managing a number of product managers in technology. A few lessons have emerged. At the core is my belief that the best product managers are those who are hungry, humble and hard-working rather than those with pedigreed backgrounds. I would prefer having Starfleet officers over Jedi knights. Starfleet officers (more from the TNG universe than the J.J. Abrams universe) are people with above-average abilities who succeed through teamwork. …

Justin Kim

Product management professional passionate about making the world a better place through technology.

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